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(aka Tom Kinney)

Janelle DuBois (aka Tom Kinney) is a Dallas drag performer, writer, and belly dancer who loves to host open mics and adores the Oak Cliff Circle of Poets! She writes a monthly column for the Dallas Voice and occasionally contributes a little something to The Word. She's self-published one little book of poetry and pictures (of herself, of course!), called _Big Girl Fun_. Janelle's had a variety of fascinating drag adventures since she first took the stage years ago as part of the Friday 8pm show at Big Daddy's, and if you sit next to her for too long she'll tell you all about them!

Janelle has her very own nifty dragstrip at some other website.

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by Janelle DuBois

Dancing, she gets ready to leave

Swaying hips make a last survey
of sensual impermanence

Warm thighs
press several times
against other dancers

Fingertips memorize a friend's dancing breast:
food for the long trip,
snapshot of what used to matter

Closed eyes strain to see the white light,
and her dead Moma, and her first pet turtle

Her music fades but she keeps dancing

Now there's just the bass and drums

Now there's just the bass

Now it's all gone


Some girls are fat
some girls are thin
some girls like virtue
some girls like sin

Some girls like tools
some girls like toys
some girls like girls
some girls like boys

Some girls are sober
some girls are drunks
some girls are smart
some girls are lunks

All girls are beautiful
all girls are free
all girls are fabulous
all girls are me


In a ruined world
storylines are dangerous
I am dangerous
and you are dangerous

In a ruined world
many different wavelengths of light reach my eye simultaneously
daffodils and dandelions continue to produce oxygen
and deep-diving whales live with currents but not waves

In a ruined world
a pretty young transgendered girl watches herself in the mirror
two heterosexuals stay in bed all day, touching each other
and an old man can't remember the name of the last person he had sex with

In a ruined world
the Sahara spreads southward
clinical trials begin for a new antiviral drug
and raindrops soak the grass in a vacant lot

In a ruined world
storylines are dangerous
I am especially dangerous
and you
are especially