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Carlos Salas




The Day Surrenders


The day surrenders to hues

of pink and purple arrival

and throughout the city

coffee brews, beer is poured,

neon pulses.....

and somewhere out there

a lonely old soul sits

in armchair nightmare

staring at that grey, luminous,

light of night.....

and somewhere out there

a thousand poets crawl

from out of darkness

only to live once

never to be reborn.....

and the city

vast, majestic, alive!

with it's insect-like city dwellers

moving through corridors of

dark alleys, fast city streets,

take it slow, 'round the corner

and make it look

oh..... so cool.....

and the crowds gather like

nomadic tribes for a celebration of

words, feelings, recollections.....

and the words come across the

night like

liquid Kerouac dreams

spilling out of

coffee houses

road houses

tea houses

green houses

blue houses

white houses

art houses

bhaus houses

ice houses

fire houses


school houses

big houses

doll houses

dog houses

odd houses

whore houses

and a dear friend

speaks to me of

dreams, and wishes

the other, of

heart ache, and maddness

and we gather, and sit

in 'round table fashion where

we share in false glory and

pervert wisom.....

and somewhere out there

she wonders.....

makes self invisible

to familiar eyes

and i feel like

a lot of love tonight

i said,... i feel like a

lot of love tonight

i'd like.....

to pour like spring into

your meadows of sexual desire

to burn like saphire

on dust of gold

oh,.. so bold,.. so bold

of sexual deviance untold

and somewhere out there

i lay with the nightmare

of each night


i think i'd might

i think i'd like

to emunate

star like

to move, to grove through

endevors of gold city streets

where even holy girl tells you with

brown, sultry, eyes...

and whispers lies...

and moves with alterior intentions...

so let my name play

given of pike beauty and

young girls thighs

wisom moves on wheels you know ?

there's romance in their glide

candy apple red

given of echo

and parent wave

rests tranquil

on the edge of my bed.