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Robert Starkey has read at the MAC and B&N. He is a member of the OCCP and the Writer's Garret. He won 3rd place in a city wide poetry contest in conjunction with Eastfield College for his poem, "WHO ARE YOU, WHO AM I". He was an English major and has a degree in Law.


Father Time

There he goes
Twinkle toes
So light on his feet
As he passes
All us masses
Very quick & fleet
We all stay
Out of his way
For he must rush past
Curiosity fanned
Memories spanned
For he is so fast
For us all
He won't stall
He is Father Time
Rushing by
How you fly
Til it's our Last Gasp

(c) Robert D. Starkey, 7-20-2001

Who Are You, Who Am I

How about the Charles Kerault story

Told to make one stop to think.

About the hippies hairy glory

And the problems into which he sank.

As he traveled across the country

On a Harley shiny and new.

The cops in nearly every burg

Came down on him (at least one or two).

Then a brilliant thought oertook him

After one such episode

And the next small town which came up

And into which he rode.

He saw a gleam of salvation

And stopped at the western store.

From there on throughout the country,

Cops bothered him no more.

For his one purchase which had saved him

And took so little time

Was a brand new cowboy hat

And a conversion so sublime.

For now no longhair hippie

Into each town did ride,

But a longhaired cowboy on his Harley

Came into town with pride.

Robert D. Starkey-April, 2001