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About The OCCP
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To be a regular weekley member of the Oak Cliff Circle, show up a Suenos at least three times and read at the open mic. (It's easy)

To be a full member, wow us with your words and you'll be invited to perform at one of our group performances around town, or to feature at a special event. ( We love to welcome in great new poets!)

there are:

no memberships
no dues
no presidents
no commitees
no judges
no initiation process

The Oak Cliff Circle Of poets is a Circle in the most Democratic sense of the word. We are a group of people that share a common love for Poetry, and a desire to have a good time.

There are only two rules at the weekley reading of The Oak CLiff Circle Of Poets:

1. No Apoligies, especially in advance about the quality of a piece that you are about to read. There is no need to apologize.

2. When It Comes To Haiku, keep it short.

History of Our Circle

In 1998 a recently married Paul Sexton moved to the historic district of Old Oak Cliff and noticed that several poets that he know from open mic readings around town also lived in the neighborhoods. The reading that he had been hosting for a few years in Arlington had just faded away and he was looking for a new gig. He had several conversations on this topic with Opalina, Tim Wood, and David Weinberg, who happened to be already having similar conversations with Jim Dolen. One day Paul walked into Suenos Sabrosos, a recently opened Ice Cream Shop In the Bishop Street Arts District. He Spoke To Rosa The Owner who also was already considering doing some type of poetry at the shop. It was a match made in Oak Cliff, if not heaven.

On July 4th 1998 The first official meeting of the Oak Cliff Circle Of Poets was convened at Suenos Sabrosos. In addition to the Poets mentioned above, also in attendance were Metta' Jon Maslow, Gail Bell, and Carlos Salas.

Over the last three years the Oak Cliff Circle Of Poets has met faithfully at Suenos Sabrosos every Saturday night. Members of the group have also performed several features around town at various Barnes and Noble stores and At the Yearly Deep Ellum Poetry Festival.

Their innovative events have brought attention to their friendly reading, and it have even appeared in The Dallas Morning News on a few occasions

We're interested in hearing from you!

Below are email links to contact the Oak Cliff Circle Of Poets.For information about the site or upcoming events cantact Paul, or Metta' Jon